How to Unlock Onn Tablet without Password

If you have an Onn tablet, you probably have some screen lock that prevents anyone from accessing your tablet. You are reading this because you probably do not have the password. You could have forgotten it or it could have been set by someone else.

So, what do you do? Is it possible to unlock your Onn tablet without a password? Lucky for you, some methods make it easy for you to remove your screen lock and use your tablet.

In this article, we discuss how to unlock Onn tablet without a password. We have detailed instructions for a couple of solutions to help you. Read on for a detailed description of each.

How to Unlock my Onn Tablet if I Forgot the Password


Solution 1: Using Google Android Device Manager

Google has a security feature known as Android Device Manager. This is a feature that helps you locate and erase a stolen Android device. Fortunately, you can make it work for you if you have forgotten your device password.


Access Google Find My Device and use your Google credentials to sign in to the Google account. You will see a list of devices that have been logged in to your Google account, which includes your Onn tablet.

From this list of devices, select your tablet.

Next, choose ‘ERASE DEVICE’ and then select “ERASE DEVICE” to confirm the action. This will start erasing your device.

Remember that you may need to input your Google password again for it to erase your device. The tablet will now be reset and will not have a password.


  • The process is simple
  • You can use another device to unlock yours
  • It is fast and free


  • You need credentials of the Google account signed into the tablet you want to reset.

Solution 2: Using Factory Reset

Onn tablet Factory Reset

If you do not have your password, you can choose the Hard Reset option for you to reset the button. This process is simple, even though it means you will lose your data. So, if possible, we recommend that you back up your data. Otherwise, you will lose it all.


You need to ensure that the tablet is turned off before you can start this process. Now, press the power button together with the volume up button. This should enter Recovery Mode.

Once the device enters Recovery mode, release the buttons. Release them once the Android Logo appears.

Now, using the volume buttons, you can navigate to ‘Wipe data/Factory Reset’. Select this option using the power button.

Next, choose ‘Delete All user Data’ and select it using the power button. The device should complete the remaining process, then restart without the password.


  • You do not need any other device except the Onn tablet.
  • It only takes a couple of minutes to complete
  • The method is free


  • You will lose all your data through this process.


You now know how to unlock Onn tablet without a password. These two methods are not only simple but also assured to work in unlocking the phone. If possible, we would recommend that you back up your data before using them.

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