AnyDesk Not Connected – Solving your AnyDesk Connection Issues

One of the best remote desktop programs is AnyDesk. This popular application allows you to connect your device with another one and access different things such as files and the screen from any location on the planet.

The app gives you great performance, is easy to use, and is secure. However, you will often find your program disconnected from the AnyDesk network. So, what do you do?

Our post discusses how to know if AnyDesk is disconnected. We will also discuss how to fix the connection issue and get it functional again. Let’s get to it!

Fixing Disconnected From AnyDesk Network Issue

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There are several ways you can try to use to get rid of the network connection issue. Here are some solutions.

1. Check your Internet

You need to ensure that your internet connection is functioning properly. The internet connection should be strong without any issues with the router. You can try troubleshooting the network for starters.

Check that the browser you are running has the latest version and that you have the proper plugins installed. Check that the network cable is connected properly and that the credentials used are right.

In some cases, you might need to reset your router or modem so that you can go back online.

2. Update AnyDesk Software

You should try updating your software version. Any issues that might come up might be because of the version you are running. To update, open your settings tab and select your profile. From there, select ‘update software’ to download the latest AnyDesk version.

Note: Before updating, log out of your account and close the open programs.

After downloading, install the software and then reconnect to your network to check for the issue being resolved.

3. Using the right Username and Password

Confirm that the username and password you are using are right. If you are reconnecting to an organization, make sure the username and password are correct. You might have to reset your password through the login page.

4. Disabling the Antivirus Software

You might need to disable your antivirus software if the issue persists. The process is simple, to be honest.

Open your start menu and open the settings, followed by the antivirus software. Next, select the shield icon and the shield settings tab. Disable the antivirus and click okay. If a problem arises because of disabling the antivirus, turn it on to solve it.

5. Check your Firewall


The problem might be because your computer is preventing AnyDesk from using the internet.

Open your start menu, then open settings. From there, open windows firewall. Select on or off, followed by the right network profile. Ensure all boxes are checked, and then click okay. You can try disabling the firewall to check if the problem will be resolved.

To disable it, open the start menu, and then the settings followed by the firewall. Choose the off option. That will disable it, then click okay. If the issue persists, turn it on to resolve it.

6. Use a Different Machine

In case the reconnection to AnyDesk still has issues, try using another machine. The machine you are using might not have the capability to run AnyDesk properly, which might be the cause of the issue.

In Conclusion

Any of the issues above might be causing a connection problem with your AnyDesk software connection. We hope that you know now how to check my AnyDesk connection and resolve it with ease.

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