How to Pair Sony WH-1000 XM5 with MacBook

Sony’s WH-1000 XM5 noise-canceling stereo headset is a great choice of headset for your Mac. It is possible that the Sony WH – 1000 XM5 doesn’t pair with Macbook. Fortunately, we have all the information you need.

In our post, we will discuss how to pair Sony WH – 1000 XM5 with Macbook. Let’s get right to it.


You might need to turn on the built-in Bluetooth adaptor. However, that might depend on the computer you are using. If you are not sure how to do that, you might need to refer to the instructions manual that comes with your computer.

You have to turn the computer speaker on. Otherwise, no sound will come from the computer, even if it is paired.

How to Pair Sony WH – 1000 XM5 with Macbook

How to Pair Sony WH

If your computer is turned off, start by waking up the computer. Next, turn on your headset by pressing and holding the power button. Hold it for around 2 seconds.

After it turns on, you will hear a sound that announces the headset is turned on. Its blue indicator will continue flashing even after releasing the button.

The headset may connect automatically to the last device it was connected to. If that is the case, the sound will announce that a connection has been established. Check the status on your computer to confirm the connection.

If there wasn’t another connection, select the headset on the computer. Go to the system preferences and then access Bluetooth from the screen’s bottom. From the Bluetooth screen, click on WH – 1000 XM5 and choose the connect option from the menu that pops up.

A connection will be established and a sound will announce that connection.


It’s as simple as that. You can easily connect your noise-canceling headset to your computer in these simple steps. We hope that you do not have any challenges. If any arise, please let us know.

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