Is Rivoto App Legal?

When it comes to entertainment, there is a range of apps that are not only effective but also very easy to use. The Rivoto app is among the top apps in the market, giving you a very wide range of features and functionality.

One question that we are always wondering is, is Rivoto legal? We hope to figure that out today.

In our post, we hope to understand whether the Rivoto app is legal. We will also be looking at some of the features of the app and what it is meant to do. Let’s get to it.

About Rivoto App

This app was developed by Finnci. It is rated for 12+. The app has more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store. Even though the app is free to download, it has some in-app purchases, as well as some ads. You can also find an iPhone app from the App store.

Is Rivoto for Watching Movies?

The truth is, this app is not for watching or streaming movies, as most people think. It is, instead, meant to help you find some movies and TV shows with ease.

It features a very lightweight and simple way for you to find and schedule different series and movies from your mobile device. But that’s not all the movie can do.

It allows you to explore the list of movies and TV shows available and allows you to play the trailers. You can also locate some of the close theaters and cinemas.

With this app, you can figure out just what movies to watch, where to watch them, and when to watch them.

Is Rivoto Safe?

There is the question of whether the app is legal or not. Well, considering that this app does not provide the capability of streaming or watching movies, the app is not illegal. It is a legal app that shows you available movies, and where to watch them, and allows you to schedule when to watch the movie.


So, is Rivoto legal? We believe that Rivoto is a legal app and you should not be worried about whether there are any repercussions to downloading and installing it.

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