How to Invest in Renaissance Technologies

Renaissance Technologies is a hedge fund manager that is based in New York. The company manages client assets worth around $165 billion. It also employs around 300 employees. 150 of these employees are responsible for advisory functions.

After the company’s success, most people have wondered about the possibility of investing in Renaissance Technologies. So, can you invest in Renaissance Technologies?

In our post today, we will be looking at how to invest in Renaissance Technologies.

Here we go!

The Background

This company started around 40 years ago. The firm was started by Howard Morgan and James Simons, both of who are among the most successful and popular hedge fund managers on the planet. The company’s CEO is currently Peter Brown.

Renaissance Technologies Holdings Corporation owns 82% together with RTC II Holdings. LLC owns 18% of the stake. These are parent companies that are owned by the firm employees together with other people.

This firm is meant for scientists and is run by scientists. They prefer to employ people that do not have any financial background. These include computer scientists, astronomers, physicists, statisticians, and more.

Investment Philosophy of Renaissance Technologies

The philosophies are math-based. There are mathematical strategies that are kept secret. It is believed that this is the reason for the firm’s success.

What Stocks do Renaissance Technologies Own?

The top stock holdings are MSFT, NVO, HSY, ABNB, as well as AMD. They represent 6.35% of the firm’s stock portfolio. 

Can you invest in Renaissance Technologies?

The firm’s flagship fund is the Medallion. They stopped accepting new money in 1993. This is a fund that is mainly meant for the 300 employees of the firm. The Medallion Fund has been a success for a couple of years. Their worst year had a 21% gain. Since 1993, only past and current employees, together with their families, can invest in the fund.

So, here’s how to invest in Renaissance Technologies. The first thing you would need to do is get a job with the firm. After that, you will be able to invest with them.

Fortunately, there are other funds offered by Renaissance Technologies, which are open to the outside investors. The main ones are RIEF (Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund, as well as RIDA (Renaissance Institutional Diversified Alpha.

One thing you should know, however, is that there’s a possibility you will need to have a certain amount of capital before being considered. Additionally, it is recommended that you wait to catch the fund at the right time.


Even though there are funds for outside investors, the firm seems to prefer only internal investors. These are their current and past employees.

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