How to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron Laptop

Almost every machine that runs an operating system, especially phones, can be reset to its default settings. When you factory reset Dell Inspiron laptops, everything goes back to the original state similar to when the operating system was first installed.

You can come across certain challenges that would require you to factory reset your computer. So, do you know how to factory reset a Dell Inspiron laptop? Well, we do.

In this post, you will be able to figure out how to wipe your Dell Inspiron to factory settings in a couple of simple steps. Let’s dive in.

Reasons to Factory Reset Dell Laptop

Your reason for resetting your Dell Inspiron laptop might be different from others. Regardless, two important things will happen once you reset your Dell laptop. First, all data will be erased. Additionally, it will be important for your PC’s emergent state. But those aren’t all the reasons.

Restoration of the Laptop

You can reset your computer to turn it back into the first state. The computer will appear as a new one. That is made possible by clearing all the information on your computer. You can erase everything including the software so you can install new ones.

Most people who do this probably want to resell their computers but don’t want any of their data to go with the laptop. In some cases, you might have forgotten your password and simply want to start afresh.

Malware or Virus Removal

Your computer might start behaving abnormally. It might start running slower, which is probably caused by malicious software in your computer. A simple factory reset of your Dell laptop will remove the malware or virus.

How to Factory Reset Dell Inspiron

In this section, we discuss three simple ways of resetting a Dell laptop. This method works for Dell laptops running a Windows OS. Take a look

From Settings

If you can access your account, you can simply use the start button, click on settings, then select ‘update & security.’ Click on Recovery and click on ‘Get Started below ‘Reset this PC’.

You will need to choose whether you want to get rid of everything or if you need to keep some files. After that, decide whether you need the drive cleaned.

From Startup

How do I factory reset my Dell Inspiron laptop without a password? Here’s how. In the first simple method, you will reset the computer from startup. Here are the steps to follow.

While on the login screen, click the power icon. You should then hold the shift key and click ‘restart’ on the screen. At that point, your computer will restart and boot in WinRE mode.

The next thing is to click on ‘troubleshoot’, then reset your PC. You will have to choose whether you want your files to remain on the computer or if you want to remove everything. When you remove everything, the data will be erased and Windows will be reinstalled.

From Boot

To use this method, your computer needs to reboot. After the screen turns on, press the F8 key, which will take you to ‘Advanced Boot Options’.

To continue, select ‘Repair Your Computer’. In the next screen, choose your preferred input method, then click ‘Next’. Type in your Administrator Account, and then leave the password field empty followed by ‘Ok’. In the next step, find and select ‘Dell Datasafe restore and Emergency Backup’ and continue.

Complete the process by choosing ‘Restore My Computer’ and when the resetting process is complete, finish it to restart the computer.


Dell laptops are among the most popular. Whenever you need to reset your computer for any reason, you can use the steps we have provided above. Any of the three should help you reset your computer without a problem.

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