How to Connect Ubotie Keyboard to iPad

Ubotie keyboard is a keyboard that is desired to look like the classic typewriters. You will find it in a wide range of colors, which makes sure that you have a unique desk. It is also compact and compatible with a range of devices.

Do you know how to connect the Ubotie keyboard to the iPad?

We have prepared this post to help you figure out how to connect the Ubotie keyboard to Mac in a couple of steps. Stay tuned.

Ubotie Keyboard Connectivity

The keyboard uses two AAA batteries. It supports Bluetooth 5.1 with up to 3 devices. The device will connect to around 33 feet, which is more than what you need. It is easy to connect and straightforward.

Is the Ubotie keyboard compatible with Mac? Yes, it is. There are two methods you can use to connect the keyboard. You can use Bluetooth or a Bluetooth receiver.

Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth Symbol

To do this, you will need to pair the iPad with your keyboard. To do that, you have to follow a couple of simple steps.

First, you should turn on your iPad’s Bluetooth. Do that by going to the settings page, tapping on Bluetooth, and turning it on.

You should then insert the batteries in your keyboard and then hold the ‘Fn’ and ‘C’ keys until the indicator starts to flash.

Go to the Bluetooth settings on the iPad and search for a new device. The keyboard appears as UBOTIE. Tap on it to pair and connect.

Using a Bluetooth receiver

Bluetooth receiver

It is possible to have problems connecting directly with your iPad. In that case, you will require a Bluetooth receiver, coupled with an OTG USB. Connect your OTG to the iPad, then connect the receiver to the OTG.

Now, go to the settings, and turn on the receiver’s Bluetooth connection. After that, add the AAA batteries, then follow the steps provided above to pair and connect your iPad to the Keyboard with the help of the Bluetooth receiver.

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So, does the Ubotie keyboard connect to iPad? Yes, it does. The Ubotie keyboard is among the few keyboards that give you a steady connection that is easy to set up. Not to forget the unique style and design.

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