How to get a Keyboard on Apple Watch Free

There is a lot you can do with an Apple watch. It will do a lot entirely by itself without the iPhone. However, one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to using the watch is typing. There is a range of keyboard apps for the Apple watch.

But is there a free keyboard app for Apple watch? Well, that’s what we are here to find out.

We have prepared this post to help you figure out how to get keyboard on Apple watch free. This way, you will have an easier time typing. Let’s get started.

Why need a Full Keyboard?

You might wonder why anyone would require a full keyboard on the Apple watch. The watch’s display is small for typing. Additionally, there is a scribble feature and Siri is built into it. But the truth is, they do not work for everybody.

Siri might not get what you are saying when you’re in a crowded place. In certain situations, the keyboard might be the best chance for you.

How to get Keyboard on Apple Watch Free

get a Keyboard on Apple Watch

The truth is, there are very few options if you want a keyboard for your watch. There are many for your iPhone, but these two are the best for your watch.

Flicktype is one of the popular keyboard apps. It is a productivity watch app. It will give you a complete QWERTY keyboard, which will then allow you to type and reply to your messages. The truth is, you might think that it is hard to type on the tiny keys. But once you start, you will realize just how easy it is. It can figure out what you are trying to say, which makes typing easier.

You can also use the Shift keyboard. It is a great option because it allows you to swipe over the keyboard to type. Some suggestions appear as you continue to type, making it much easier to type and reply to your messages.

If you are using a Watch Series 7, 8, or even the Ultra, then you will get a keyboard automatically. If the model is good but cannot find it, then you should ensure that you have the latest update.


With a keyboard on your apple watch, you will be able to type with ease whenever you need. You will easily reply to your messages and even compose new ones. These are among the best options for a keyboard watch.

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