AirPods Max Head Detection not working and How to fix it

AirPods max headphones are among the new revolutionary types of headphones out there. There is a reason why they are becoming more and more popular – the advanced, unique features. One of the top features of the AirPods is ear or head detection.

How does the feature work? Well, it will easily wake your headphones. That way, you can continue playing music where you left off.

Unfortunately, like with most pieces of tech, this feature does not always work the way you want it. In this post, we discuss this problem, its possible causes, and ways to fix it. Let’s get to it.

Problem: AirPods Max Head Detection not working

AirPods Max

This feature works by allowing your music to pause whenever you remove the headphones from your head. Once you remove them, the music should resume. However, this function might work today, then when you put them back on your head the next morning, the feature fails to resume music again.

It is also possible that you might remove them and the music fails to resume. This is a problem with AirPods Max not detecting head or ears.

There might be several causes of this problem. One of them might be that the feature is not turned on, while another can be due to condensation. Try wiping them dry using a lint-free cloth if you notice condensation. You should also check that the feature is turned on.

If you notice AirPods max head detection not working after this, try the following solutions.

Possible Solutions


Reset AirPods Max

Resetting your AirPods will remove any bugs and glitches from the headset. But before you do that, you should charge them for a couple of minutes so that it does not develop any other issues while working.

Resetting is easy. Hold the digital crown and noise control for 15 seconds. When holding the two buttons, check the LED indicator.

Once the LED indicator lights amber and then white, release the buttons. The reset is complete.

After resetting, connect them to any device, play music, and check if the problem has been fixed.

Restart your AirPods

This is a simple fix that might also solve the issue.

To restart, simply hold the noise control and digital crown buttons for a while. Once the LED light turns amber, release them.

This turns off the AirPods and then turns them on.

Update AirPods Max

Glitches can be caused by outdated firmware. If you have not updated to the latest firmware, we recommend that you do. This might be the solution that will work.

To update, connect the AirPods to an iOS device. After connecting successfully, open the settings on the device and select ‘general’. After that, select ‘about’ followed by ‘AirPods Max’.

Next, check the number close to the firmware update and begin the updating process. If a newer number does not show, then the AirPods are up to date.

After you reset, restart or update, keep them for 24 hours without using them. They might need more time for a complete response.


The solution for AirPods Max head detection not working might be a restart, a reset, or even an update. This feature is very important when it comes to music control. If it does not work, it must be solved to get the full AirPods functionality.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you contact support for additional help.

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