Dell Premium/Extended Support Plus – Is it worth it?

Supplemental support, together with extended warranty programs, have not always been appreciated. They have been considered a waste of money for a couple of years. However, we all know that there was a very high likelihood that you would need expensive repairs because of the excessive moving parts.

In the current age, there is a high risk that ransomware and viruses will affect your computer. That is why warranties and support programs are a great idea.

Today, we are looking at Dell premium support. But is Dell Premium Support worth it? Well, let’s find out.

Dell Premium Support Plus

Female support at work

In the past, people that had support programs had an easier time. The vendor would treat people better and it was an almost stress-free process. Fortunately, advancements have made it possible for your PC to be scanned and diagnosed remotely.

When a problem arises, you can have it fixed within a couple of hours, as opposed to the weeks it would take before.

Dell Premium support is meant for Dell’s XPS, Inspiron, as well as Alienware premium platforms. The premium support makes use of predictive software to help predict problems and even suggest some effective fixes before your PC fails. It also includes the removal of malware and viruses, automatic performance optimization, as well as coverage for things such as a spill or drop damage.

The advantage of this premium support is that the predictive software will help you greatly reduce the amount of time it would take for your PC to be fixed. It will fix a problem that you did not know existed.

SSD or hard drive failure is normally noted when you do not have access to your data anymore. However, over the years, things have improved and you can be able to identify any problem that might be coming.

So, Dell Support will notice the problem and find a correct way to deal with it, after which they will contact you to implement that fix with the use of Premium Support Plus.

Is Dell Premium Support Worth it?

Worth the money

This is what we think. This support plan is completely worth your money, especially if your PC is a huge part of your work. You need to keep your data secure and that’s what the support plus plan allows you to do.

Now, look at Dell’s basic support vs. premium support. If you want assurance that everything to do with your computer is completely safe, then we would recommend that you get the premium and not the basic.

In Conclusion

The truth is, Dell Premium Support is the top support programs. They are a great service for PC health. They will ensure that you get a great experience, replace or fix your computer quickly, and will help you fix problems that you wouldn’t anticipate yourself.

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