How to Adjust Sound on an HP Monitor

The first thing you should know is that there is a wide range of HP monitors, each with some special features that others might not have. Take the 24mh full HD monitor. It is among the most advanced monitors out there.

Do you know how to adjust the sound on HP monitor? If you do not, it’s your lucky day.

Our post today discusses how to make adjustments to your HP monitor sound. Let’s dig into it.

A Look at HP Monitor

We will start by checking out the HP monitors, specifically the HP 24mh FHD monitor.

This one is a stylish and ultraism display that not only looks great but also works better than you would expect. It uses IPS panel technology that gives you an ultra-wide viewing angle, of around 178 degrees.

It also has great connectivity. You can use the display port, HDMI, VGA, and even an audio connection. The adjustable IPS display gives you a bit more screen and takes up less space.

You can adjust your screen according to your preferences, thanks to its tilt capabilities.

Does the HP 24mh full HD monitor have sound? As for the sound, this specific screen features built-in speakers. The speakers give you an amazing sound experience. The 2 W speakers give you immersive entertainment.

How to Change the Volume on my Monitor

Now, if you have an HP flat LCD monitor, then it has a button labeled with a – (minus) sign. When you press the volume that is labeled with a + (plus) sign, the HP volume indicator will not show on your screen, which means that the volume will not be raised.

For you to raise the volume, you will need to start by pressing the button with a – (minus) sign. That will open the screen’s volume indicator. After it shows, you can then increase your volume using the + (plus) button.

If in any case, you try to increase the volume and no changes are seen in the volume indicator, then you may need to get some service for the monitor.

If you notice that the indicator is increasing and decreasing but no sound comes out, then it might be better to troubleshoot the sound problems with monitor speakers.


Now you know how to adjust the sound on HP 24mh monitor. The process is not complicated. The buttons on the screen will help provide you with the ability to adjust the sound. Before that, you need to ensure that you have connected the monitor to the source of the sound. The HDMI and audio ports help do that.

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